Level 1 Medical Isolation Gowns For Sale

Product Overview

This gown meets all the level 1 medical isolation gowns requirements. They are full length with an impervious front side that contains extra protection in a seated protection. The gown also manages the basic barrier level determined by the FDA.

All sizes are available

These are non-sterile gowns and are not for use in surgical environments.

Product Features

  • Has met the AAMI 1 liquid barrier standard
  • Lint resistance
  • Flame resistance
  • Fluid resistance
  • Special seating protection options
  • A-line cut
  • Sleeves that have a comfortable range of motion
  • Microbial and Germ resistance.

Why You Need A Level 1 Medical Isolation Gown

The level 1 gown is the gown that absolutely everyone needs to have in their home. When you are going in for just your basic checkup you will need to have a gown that qualifies at this basic level. Having a gown like this will help alleviate the stress of the new incoming health rules and procedures regarding walk-ins. It will be one less thing you, your family, and your friends have to worry about as we move towards a new normal.

Information On Level 1 Medical Isolation Gowns

Level 1 isolation gowns are the perfect solution for basic response against covid-19. These gowns are to be used specifically in “minimal-risk” health care settings. Our level 1 medical isolation gowns are non-sterile and are not to be used in surgical environments.

The level 1 medical isolation gown provides a barrier of protection against liquids at the first level. These gowns are great for basic use such as visiting a family member, a regular health checkup, and other minor medical procedures.

Medical isolation gowns main purpose is to help protect the wearer from possibly infected liquids or solids from a lab, or another individual all together. Not only does it protect the wearer, but it can also help protect individuals from transmitting an infection on to a person with a compromised immune system

The level 1 medical isolation gowns that we produce are able to pass the test vigorous level 1 test with water they are put through. All of our level 1 gowns demonstrate the ability to provide a liquid barrier at the basic level.

Overall, the use of medical isolation gowns at any level is a great strategy for infection and transmission control in healthcare settings.

As we all enter this new space of healthcare settings it is important to understand the terminology. Now that PPE is becoming common place in healthcare environments through the use of medical gowns, we need to understand what different types of gowns are and where they should be used. There are surgical gowns, nonsurgical gowns, procedural gowns, and operating gowns. Each of these types of gowns should be used for their specific purpose. As a world community we need to make sure that the appropriate gowns are in the hands of those who need them most.

Now that we understand there are many different types of gowns, it is important that you apply the appropriate research for your specific situation when choosing a medical gown.

Thankfully in 2004, the FDA actually recognized a new terminology and set of standards that these medical isolation gowns would be listed as. Let’s summarize the 4 main types of levels!

Level 1 Medical Isolation Gowns: These gowns are to be used in “minimal risk” situations. These situations would include basic care, gowns for visitors, basic medical unit, and regular isolation.

Level 2 Medical Isolation Gowns:  Gowns like these are to be used in settings that are classified as “low risk”. Health care settings would include the ICU, pathology lab, or blood draws.

Level 3 Medical Isolation Gowns: These medical isolation gowns will be used in settings classified as “moderate risk”. These would be for those performing an arterial blood draw, inserting an IV, anyone in the ER, and those who are working in trauma cases.

Level 4 Medical Isolation Gowns: “High risk”. These are the gowns you will need to use when dealing in highly volatile health care settings. For example, a long fluid intensive procedure or a situation in which a resistance is needed from an infectious disease. This is the medical isolation gown you want to have in the most volatile situations!

Note: When choosing a gown for your specific health care setting need, make sure to check the packaging for the correct medical protection level…as product names are not specified!

Do PPE Medical Gowns Really Help?

Yes! The main reason why medical isolation gowns truly help is because of the materials used and the quality they are built with! One might ask “why can’t I just wear a jacket or hoodie?”. The reason why medical gowns are more effective is because of the barriers they create. A regular cloth hoodie or jacket will not be nearly as beneficial when trying to keep germs and other liquids from reaching the wearer. At the end of the day, something is always better than nothing…but why take the chance? Especially when our level 1 medical isolation gown options are extremely affordable! Our gowns are extremely high quality, being produced right here in the USA. It is always better to be safe than sorry when you are visiting a family member or friend in the hospital during a global pandemic!

Standards For Medical Isolation Gowns

Level 1 Medical Isolation Gown:

  • Used in minimal risk situations only
  • Provides a small barrier to potential liquid penetration
  • Only ONE test is provided of water impacting the surface of the gown material to asses barrier performance

Level 2 Medical Isolation Gown:

  • Used in low risk situations only
  • Provides a barrier to larger amounts of liquid, splattering, and soaking
  • Two tests are provided to test barrier strength and performance; water impacting the surface and pressurizing the material

Level 3 Medical Isolation Gown:

  • Used in moderate risk situations only
  • Provides a barrier to even larger amounts of fluid and liquid than the level 2 gown can handle
  • Two tests, similar to the one in level 2, are provided but at a much larger scale

Level 4 Medical Isolation Gown:

  • Used in high risk situations only
  • Prevents all fluid/liquid penetration for up to 1 hour
  • May prevent the penetration of a virus for up to 1 hour
  • Different from tests 1-3, the test for this gown requires real blood with a real virus that is applied to the surface of the gown, if no virus is found at the end of 1 hour, the gown passes

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